Filming in one long continuous shot the possibilities of more movies like it.

Birdman and Goodfellas know what these two gems have in common? Both are equally great, both experiment with one seemly continuous shot, save for one of the said movies being filmed completely and what appears to be a continuous shot… Birdman for the win of course.  It really had me thinking, I would like to see more of this… Still don’t know what I’m yapping about—watch the video below.

Impressive, Within the first half hour of watching Birdman my jaw had hit the floor the camera work was phenomenal. I couldn’t believe how seamless it appeared, with Emmanuel Lubezki employing a lot of the same techniques from Gravity in a completely different environment. The technically implications Alejandro González Iñárritu was able to convey on screen is no less than outstanding.

I can’t help but wonder how awesome this effect would look if it was utilized in Sci-fi, Horror or even a Comic Book movie… Call it wishful thinking but hopefully some day…. Some day soon we get something along that realm of the said imagery, in the mean time might I recommend checking out this video below… Definitely helps convey how much work was put in to creating the seamless visage.  Good night world.